Support Group

Down Tools CIC is a community interest company whose mission is to fight against knife crime.  Our approach towards this is to educate young people and spread awareness of the dangers of knife crime.  We are very aware that knife crime offences are on the rise both locally and nationally and Down Tools is committed to eradicate knife crime off our streets, through changing the perspective and mindsets of young people and families who may be directly affected by knife crime.


  • Educate – We commit to educating young people through impacting and engaging sessions that can be delivered online or face to face. These sessions will include educational material to raise the awareness of the dangers of knife crime, mentoring and peer mentoring sessions and counselling and guidance sessions.

  • Encourage – We aim to encourage young people and wider communities to take a stand against knife crime.  We believe that the fight against knife crime needs a united approach, where organisations such as Down Tools, can partnership with local authorities, the wider community, schools and local MP’s to take a united front against knife crime.

  • Inspire – We will provide positive role models and mentors for young people, to inspire them to make positive changes.  We want to build up young men and women to be positive influencers in their communities and schools.

  • Motivate – We aim to motivate young people by highlighting the skills and abilities that they have.  Through acknowledging these skills and abilities we aim to develop self-confidence and self esteem in young people, that can be used as they advance in life.

  • Achieve – Through self believe, resilience, high aspirations and a growth mindset, young people can achieve and aspire to be anything that they put their mind to.  We believe in equality and aim to ensure that we provide young people with positive techniques, preservation and uplifting affirmations, so that they can achieve no matter their race, gender or age.