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While we focus on running our businesses and
worrying about everything from the pandemic to the
bottom line, we are rarely more than a mile or so away
from a child carrying a knife.


I’m not writing to alarm you, but to raise awareness of this threat to our children and our communities. The key is to educate children on the dangers of knife crime and gang culture.  Down Tools CIC ‘Knife Crime Matters’ was founded to get our resources into schools and get our message to every child in the country before it’s too late.  Before more young people die or are sucked into this spiral of violence and fear.

We do this by providing schools  Safeguarding Lead teams with our resources that educate children on knife crime and gang culture. Please see the links to our ebook and sample lesson plans below. This is all supplied free of charge through sponsorship from the local business community.

Our initial work in this area suggests we can make huge progress really quickly.  As one headmaster put it recently, it’s “Excellent in layout and content engaging students to define their concept of a gang to enable thinking time and choices”.


All we need now is funding.  One brilliant initiative has been to provide branded badges to school kids to raise awareness of the programme and to demonstrate their desire to change the culture that surrounds them.  They look like this:


We're asking businesses like yours to make a donation  to manufacture and distribute  badges to kids in throughout the UK.


All sponsors/donators will appear on the Pin Badge Wall, the app, and all of our social media sites.

If you get it and want to help, here’s a link to fund 100, 250, 500, or a 1000 badges:


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