Down Tools was founded in 2010 as a response to shocking knife crime statistics. A 24-page booklet was designed and produced, with the intention to distribute the publication free to every school child aged 11-18 within the UK. The Fight Against Knife Crime booklet was supported with lesson plans to be shared with both PHSE/ Safeguarding Lead Teams and pupils at every secondary school.


The harsh reality of  the economic climate at the time due to the banking collapse of 2008, made it increasingly hard to secure both sponsorship and funding to roll out the project. In addition the production and distribution costs became prohibitive and sadly the entire project had to be shelved. 

In 2020 Down Tools was reformed and rebranded, statistics were updated and new lesson plans following the PSHE Curriculum were also created. 

This important project is now poised to roll out. All children will have access to our ebook, lesson plans and have access to our free app (September 2021) on both Android and iOS platforms. They will benefit from mentoring and face to face talks with both perpetrators and victims of knife crime. It is our hope that all children will be guided towards making the right choices through the resources and communities across the country will see an elimination of knife crime on our streets.

It is our desire and intention to work with other organisations and charities who share the same goals and objectives. Already, we partner closely with police forces across the UK.

We also actively reach out to the corporate worlds of business and industry both on regional and national levels who wish to express their Corporate Social Responsible commitments by supporting this worthy cause. 

Ultimately we need to rid our streets of this epidemic. Knife crime matters to every individual, for the sake of happier and safer communities.

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