Down Tools is committed to delivering positive change and comprehensive solutions in communities, through tackling the growing threat that knife crime has on communities and families throughout the UK. Down Tools is focused on not only addressing knife crime but aim to be a present representation at the forefront of delivering awareness and practical solutions, to ensure the safety of communities, young people and their families.


As an organisation we aim to support and be a voice for families that have been affected by knife crime. By aiding them with tools and coping mechanisms to support the psychological and physiological impact that knife crime trauma can have on a family.


We are also committed to supporting survivors of knife crime violence, by offering practical and emotional support to these victims. We are also dedicated to providing prevention and deterrent strategies and workshops in communities, in an attempt to steer young people away from knife crime.


We take the approach that it is important for communities to see the affects that knife crime has on families and victims, young people and even the perpetrators of knife crime. This is why our Down Tools staff members are a mixture of youth workers, victims and perpetrators of knife crime,bringing together a diverse and mixture of expertise.


We believe that with the right tools, knife crime can be eradicated from our communities. We understand that figures show that knife crime is on the rise, however, it will take the partnership of local councils and organisations such as Down Tools to work together to diminish the threat of knife crime on the streets of the UK. Although the task is great, with the right prevention and deterrent mechanisms in place, avoidable knife crime tragedies can be stopped and an inhibition process can begin.


The efforts to mitigate the disproportionate impact of knife crime on urban inner-city environments, will take the combination of effective policy measures, dedicated funding and awareness programmes, and we believe that now is the time to bring about such unity.There is no one solution to tackle knife crime and we take the approach that it is a shared responsibility, therefore, we are keen to work in partnership with schools, the police and government officials to tackle knife crime.


Knife crime on our streets can no longer be ignored, when we can see the growing threat and the consistent accounts of young people losing their lives to knife crime. We at Down Tools are committed to tackle this threat, head on and hands on, and call upon the support of the government, local authorities and the police to join and partnership with us as we tackle the fight against knife crime.