14-year-old Swindon boy pleads guilty to machete threats

A 14-year-old boy has pleaded guilty to brandishing a machete, threatening to stab another boy.

The young offender wielded the weapon in the early hours of New Year's Day, threatening to 'shank' a boy and his father.

Magistrates remanded the young boy into the care of the local authority, placing stringent bail conditions upon him that prevent him from travelling to certain areas within the Swindon area.

The court heard from prosecutor, Emma Charleton, that police were alerted to shouting in a Park South street at 1.42pm.

The boy was stood outside of a house on the street, threatening to "shank" a boy inside the property whilst in possession of a machete.

He eventually left the area, but the victim's father followed him towards Wimpole Close, prompting the defendant to once again take the machete out of his waistband and swing it side to side in a threatening manner.

A similar incident occurred in August last year, when the defendant produced a knife outside of another property on Park South, threatening a boy who was inside.

At the time, he was awaiting a sentence for a number of offences, including one of grievous bodily harm where he hospitalised his victim.

The boy, 14, pleaded guilty to possession of a bladed article, threatening behaviour and breaching a curfew requiring him to be at home between 7pm and 7am every night via a video link from Swindon police station.

Gordon Hotson, defending, said that his client had been having sessions with an expert psychologist, who is in the process of producing a report.

He added: “This is a young man, he’s 14 years of age. He does have, for a 14-year-old, an unenviable record and there are a number of matters awaiting sentence, but these matters date back to November 2019, March and April last year, May of last year and most recently, prior to the matters today, August of last year. He is not a young man who is constantly – day in, day out – committing offences.”

Chairman of the bench, Simon Wolfensohn, told the youth that he may be remanded in secure accommodation if he were to appear in court for any more offences. He said: “Not only do you have to comply with your bail, you also have to ensure you do not get into a situation where you commit any further offences.”

He will be sentenced at Swindon Magistrates’ Court on February 16.

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