Croydon hotel worker stabbed to death for Gucci bag

A man has been convicted of murder after he stabbed a hotel concierge worker to death in an attempt to steal his Gucci bag.

Samuel Odupitan, 24 stabbed hotel concierge, Tyler Roye six times as he made his way home from work shortly after midnight on 26th February.

Following a trial at the Crown Court, Odupitan was found guilty of murder, after also pleading guilty to four counts of robbery over the attack.

Mr Roye, a hotel concierge at Holiday Inn in Stratford, was leaving the tram having just made a phone call to his girlfriend when he was confronted by the defendant who demanded his possessions.

Despite a struggle, Odupitan eventually made off with the Gucci bag whilst his victim managed to make it to a friends house before collapsing.

Roye was on his way home from the Holiday Inn in Westfield Plaza when he was brutally murdered.

Roye was taken to hospital, but was pronounced dead just before 3am.

Senior crown prosecutor, Devi Kharran said: “This was an opportunistic and unprovoked attack on a hardworking young man who was on his way home from work.

“From the moment Odupitan spotted his victim on a tram wearing a bag that he liked - he pursued him.

“Mr Roye could not have known what would happen on a journey that he so often took. But he lost his life simply because he had the fatal misfortune of encountering a violent robber on his way home.

“I hope this conviction goes some way in comforting the family and friends of Mr Roye. Our thoughts remain with them at this time.”

Odupitan will be sentenced on 7th December.

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