Dagenham man found guilty of murder after 18-year old boy killed in drug robbery attempt

A Dagenham man has been found guilty of murder after fatally stabbing an 18-year old boy in a reported drug robbery attempt.

Olamide Soyege, 29, was up for trial with partner in crime, Terrence Maccabee, both of whom were accused of killing the young Taylor Williams in Basingstoke, 2019.

The infliction of death upon Williams was denied by the pair in court, however judges found that Soyege was guilty of murder whilst accomplice Maccabee was guilty of manslaughter.

The court heard that Taylor was part of a drugs network based in London, and that rivals from another network had managed to track down his new flat in Basingstoke.

The prosecution added that a fight broke out between Taylor and Soyege- who eventually stabbed his victim- and that Taylor tried to escape through the window.

It was then that Taylor realised that he had been stabbed, and paramedics later found him with a stab wound to the chest and laceration to the right arm.

Taylor later died, and it was confirmed that it was the stab wound to the chest that killed him.

Taylor’s family said in a tribute: “Words cannot express the way we feel about losing a much loved son and brother.

“Taylor was a charming, loving and funny young man with a large extended family who supported him throughout his years.

“Our Taylor has been taken from us in such a heartbreaking, devastating way but our faith in God is such that we know the Lord will find a way to turn this tragic incident into something positive. We love you Taylor. Sleep in eternal peace.”

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