Ilford child killer given indefinite hospital order

A dad of two from Ilford has been given an indefinite hospital order after he sliced the throats of his children before attempting to commit suicide.

Nadarajah Nithiyakumar stabbed his 19-month-old daughter Pavinya and three-year-old son Nigish in a frenzied attack whilst his wife was still in the shower.

Nithiyakumar, 41, admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility at the Old Bailey after psychiatrists found that he was suffering from a delusional disorder.

Mrs Justice Cutts handed the defendant a hospital order without limit of time.

She said: "The consequences of your actions have been devastating. "Two young and innocent children have had their futures and their lives taken from them by their own father.

"Your wife came out of the shower on what she considered to be a normal day to the most horrific scene imaginable.

"Her babies dead or dying on the bed, you with a knife in your hand."

The killing took place at the Nithiyakumar family home above their shop.

Nisanthini Nithiyakumar, mother of the children said in a victim statement: "After my children were born I was the happiest woman in the world. Every moment I spent with my kids, these were my happiest moments.

"They were both my world and I doted on them, my future ambitions and my life surrounded my children."

Nithiyakumar also spoke of her disbelief at the incident, she said: "On the day of the incident I saw my children and what he did to them. I could not understand if it was dream or a nightmare, with those shocking images never leaving me."

Mr Nithiyakumar claimed to be depressed following a hospital discharge, and told the court how customers had been upsetting him in the lead up to the attack.

The court found no evidence of any problems at work however.

In mitigation, Steven Perian QC said: "The defendant realises what he has done. He has started to understand his actions and is devastated from what has occurred."

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