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Sponsor a School

Corporate Social Responsibility That Saves Lives

At Knife Crime Matters (Down Tools CIC) we believe that the best way to combat the violence of knife crime amongst our youth is through education. Time and time again, we have found that preventative education is the best way to produce a positive change. Through your partnership, we can offer an early intervention and preventative approach to ultimately reduce knife crime on our streets.

If you sponsor any number of schools you will receive:

  • Your logo on our app (launches in September 2021) for 12 months

  • Your logo on every page of the eBook

  • Exposure to the millions followers we will have access to on social media

  • Full page advert on outside back cover of the eBook

  • Your logo on every page of lesson plans covering ages 11-18yrs

  • Your logo on our website with link to your website

  • Advert on our free app that launches September 2021(New Academic Year)

  • Acknowledgement from your chosen secondary school/schools

  • Press release in the local press about your fantastic support

  • 1,500 Personalised Bookmarks, full colour on 350gsm, inclusive of design and distribution as an added extra



 We feel it is a social responsibility of all people and groups to recognise and help to reduce knife crime in Britain. The victims of knife crime are often young people or children from disadvantaged backgrounds. By partnering with us you can provide early intervention and preventative education for thousands of children.

We currently work with many boxing clubs, education authorities, police forces and community trusts.  

Knife Crime Matters is committed to reducing knife crime on our streets through changing the perspective and mindsets of young people and families who may be directly affected by knife crime. We cannot complete our mission alone therefore we are asking for your support with sponsoring local schools. For every school that you sponsor they will receive:

  • Personalised lesson plans with full learning resources with your logo on every page

  • Personalised high quality 24 page online flipbook 

  • 2-3 webinar events per year

  • School-wide access to Down Tools App for 12 months (launches September 2021)

  • Access to digital database of additional resources

  • Periodic newsletters with updates and advice

  • Access to our Support Line for advice and guidance

  • Free online training for all safeguarding staff

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Take a quick look at just a few of our fantastic lesson plans


Ages 12-13 Gang and Knife Culture V2 November 2020-1
Ages 12-13 Gang and Knife Culture V2 November 2020-1

Ages 12-13 Gang and Knife Culture V2 November 2020-2
Ages 12-13 Gang and Knife Culture V2 November 2020-2